miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2014

In English, please?

At present for the regional government and national government learn English is essential, it is one strong point her education policy  but the reality is that it is not possible the change without  teachers and familys.

Our children learning and grow  in a non biligual society, this is  reality.

The school can change her methodology for teach and learn but the children only stays five hours are bilingual, in home, in the street, in the library  or  watching cartoons on tv, her learning is in spanish, not in english.

The school is able change her methodology for learning but can´t transform the reality ... most parents and teacher can not speak, read or write in english or other languages.

Our public TV only offer cartoons and films in spanish no in english, for watching in vso you have to change the configuration of TV How many people do you know who do this?

Why do we need the change then?

Easy because we can not travel to diferent countries; we can not understand other people when they visit us ... we are loosing the opportunity to meet other cultures, traditions and interesting places ... we are limited , these should be the arguments for change no government action : change is only possible bottom-up , top-down energy change is lost .

This change is only possible if we are able to understand it is necessary

Forgive for my mistakes in English, i am also learning day to day but my level now is  elementary.

Thank you everybody. Bye

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